Bark Your Biz! Live from the 2018 Pet Connections Expo


Bark Your Biz! Live from the 2018 Pet Connections Expo

Listen as 4 entrepreneurs Bark their Biz before our panel of pet industry experts:  

1-Toletta, the amazing IoT cat litter box that measures urine output to monitor feline health. (Yeah, it sounds weird, but it actually makes sense!) Kaori Watanabe, Barker

2- TeloMore Pet: Telomere science is a new area of genetic health research which suggests that the length of telomeres at the end of DNA strands determines life expectancy and genetic vs. chronological age. Complicated? A bit, but our panel figures it out here! Mel Blum, Founder/CEO, Barker

3- Jiminy's: Crickets aren't just reptile food anymore; learn about a fast growing dog treat brand that uses "cricket flour" as the main protein source. Jiminy's was the Best Barker Winner for this event! Anne Carlson, Founder/CEO, Barker

4- The Original Dog Hook: This device makes it easy to anchor your dog in any location simply by looping your leash over the hook, which must be installed in a wall. You'll be hooked by this entrepreneur's enthusiasm and passion! Sugar P. McMilian, Founder/President   

How does Bark Your Biz work? 

Entrepreneur's apply in advance and are selected by the show creators to present based on completely arbitrary criteria! Just kidding, sort of; we look for new, innovative, groundbreaking, and quirky products and ideas. Each selected company gets to present their product in a strictly-timed 3 minute "elevator pitch." The pitch is followed by questions from our tough but fair industry panelists. Bark Your Biz! was created by Bennie & the Pets Podcast hosts Anthony and Amanda Bennie, the co-founders of Clear Conscience Pet, the most awarded company in pet nutrition history.


Phil Chang, Founder, Retail Phil: Retail Phil is a consultancy that helps CPG brands and retailers to grow their businesses.

Taz Latifi, Founder, Petropolis NYC: Petropolis NYC is a pet food and supply retail store in Manhattan that specializes in individualized nutrition counseling services for pet guardians.

B.C. Henschen, Founder, Platinum Paws, Carmel, Indiana: Platinum Paws is a legacy retailer that carries a full line of pet foods and supplies, emphasizing natural and holistic products. B.C. also writes a monthly column  on the pet care industry in Pet Product News.

We refer to Bark Your Biz as the "Tank Without Sharks" because we offer the opportunity for entrepreneurs to practice their pitch without the pressure of investors deciding their future. Unlike any other entrepreneur TV show, Bark Your Biz incorporates the element of competition among the 3 or 4 presenters on each show. Based on the criteria of Presentation, Product, and Potential, the hosts and panelists fill out scorecards and the highest scoring entrepreneur is declared the winner. The Best Barker of Pet Connections Expo 2018 is Anne Carlson of Jiminy's!  Her company will receive a Pet Connections Expo $500 booth discount as well as three hours of follow-up consults with the expert panelists. All other entrepreneur's receive $100 booth discounts and one hour of follow-up consults with the expert panelists.  

Follow the Bennie & the Pets Podcast for future Bark Your Biz episodes as well as other stimulating and sometimes controversial commentary and guests devoted to "all things animal."  

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