BARK YOUR BIZ Live at Global Pet Expo with TEEF! Daily Dog Dental Care



BARK YOUR BIZ Live 2019: TEEF! Daily Dog Dental Care  

Listen as Emily Stein, Co-Founder of Primal Health LLC, presents her company's new line of canine dental health preventive powders using prebiotics that mix with water to create a healthier oral microbiome  

BEST BARKER AWARD TEEF! Daily Dog Dental Care was the “Best Barker Award” Winner, making this entrepreneur our “top dog” at the Global Pet Expo 2019 Session! "Way to Bark, Emily!"   

TEEF Website:

BARK YOUR BIZ is produced by Clear Conscience Pet Media™   

Hosts: Tony Bennie and Amanda Malone Bennie: Clear Conscience Pet Media Creators/Producers

Expert Panel:

Phil Chang:  Phil is a retailing strategy expert and pet industry trade show seminar leader ( 

BC Henschen, Platinum Paws, Carmel, Indiana: BC is a legacy independent pet food & supply retailer and writes a popular monthly column in Pet Product News  (

Candace D'Agnolo, Pet Boss Nation: Candace was a successful multi-unit independent pet retailer and now offers training and inspiration to retailers and manufacturers in the pet care industry as well as regularly contributing to Pets + magazine.  (    


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