BARK YOUR BIZ! Episode 1 Barker #4- Molly & Friends Cat Furniture Founder Tom Grant


BARK YOUR BIZ! The ONLY elevator pitch radio podcast in the known universe. A new creation by the Bennie & the Pets team. It's a combination of Shark Tank, American Idol (without the singing!), and Jeopardy! 

Episode 1 Live to Tape from the 2018 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida March 22, 2018

Barker # 4

Tom Grant, the Founder of Molly and Friends Cat Furniture Co.

Tom Grant owns a factory that builds top quality cat furniture such as cat trees, habitats, and modular wall units right here in Gainsesville, Florida, USA! He is not shy about the challenges of dealing with buyers who "don't get it" when it comes to distinguishing the difference between cheap Asian-made imports and his best-in-class craftsman level creations. You'll also enjoy his take on how to respond when potential buyers ask him to make his products as private label to sell under their brands! (Hint- he does NOT think it's a good idea!).          



 Hosts: Anthony Bennie and Amanda Bennie, Bennie & the Pets Creators is our 21 award-winning pet nutrition company, best known for SuperGravy Instant Holistic Pet Food Toppers   


     Tazz Latifi, Founder, Petropolis NYC

     Phil Chang, Founder, Retail Phil


Engineering & Production: Scott Ashcraft, Artist/Founder, Doggy Love and Graphite

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