Bark Your Biz: Animal Essentials at Global Pet Expo 2019


BARK YOUR BIZ Live 2019:

Animal Essentials CEO Greg Tilford Barks his Biz at the 2019 Global Pet Expo

BARK YOUR BIZ is produced by Clear Conscience Pet Media™   

Listen as the Bark Your Biz hosts and our Pet Industry Expert panel hear Greg Tilford's elevator pitch for his company, Animal Essentials, a respected animal supplement developer and manufacturer with decades of experience in pet health.

Animal Essentials was a "Second Runner Pup" Award Winner at the Global Pet Expo 2019 Session!



Hosts: Tony Bennie and Amanda Malone Bennie: Clear Conscience Pet Media Creators/Producers

Expert Panel:

Phil Chang:  Phil is a retailing strategy expert and pet industry trade show seminar leader ( 

BC Henschen, Platinum Paws, Carmel, Indiana: BC is a legacy independent pet food & supply retailer and writes a popular monthly column in Pet Product News  (

Candace D'Agnolo, Pet Boss Nation: Candace was a successful multi-unit independent pet retailer and now offers training and inspiration to retailers and manufacturers in the pet care industry as well as regularly contributing to Pets + magazine.  (    

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