Oct 4, 2017

Pet.Connections.Expo.End.Day.One.Whooping it Up 10.3.17

Pet Connections Expo 2017: End of Day Chat with Dana Humphrey, Nancy Hassel, and Kim Loper from Life is Grruff

Dana Humphrey, aka #ThePetLady, is the owner of Whitegate PR, a pet industry PR and marketing firm;

Nancy Hassel is the Founder and President of American Pet Professionals, an association for pet industry pros;

Kim Loper is the owner of Life is Grruff, a retailer AND manufacturer of natural baked dog treats from Greenport, NY.   Short but fun conversation!

Oct 4, 2017


Pet Connections Expo 2017: Insights and Interview with Show Management

This interview features a conversation between Host Anthony Bennie, Bill Doherty, the President of Pet Connections Expo parent company International Conference Development (ICD), and Lisa Mercurio, Pet Connections Expo Event Manager  

Oct 4, 2017


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Jun 3, 2016

The Urban Animals Interview!

Join Anthony and Amanda as we interview Tony Sawicki, creator of the Urban Animals TV show, and Robbyne Kamil, Executive Producer for the show. This is a GREAT opportunity to get a sneak preview of this unique new show before it hits the national PBS network in the Fall! 

Clear Conscience Pet and our Bennie & the Pets Podcast wish the Urban Animals TV show  all the best as the program makes its national launch on PBS! This innovative, thought provoking show fascinates and educates us about the many species of animals who live among us. CCP shares the program’s commitment to respectful and responsible stewardship and guardianship in our relationships with animals. We’re honored to be part of the Urban Animals family as animal nutritionists and media sponsors. 


Mar 20, 2016

Global Pet Expo 2016 Interview with Andrea’s Silicone Trivets and Placemats

Shirley Szabo of Andrea's Silicone talks about her attractive and durable line of silicone trivets, cap openers, and placemats with embedded cloth designs. We also talk about how it must be lonely for her husband to make enough products for over 2000 retail stores!  

Mar 20, 2016

Global Pet Expo Interview with Aquasprouts

The Bennies chat with Jack Ickard, a 22 year old entrepreneur who raised over $60,000 on Kickstarter to launch his self regulating aquarium system which needs no filters since it is designed to create a self-sustaining aquatic ecosystem in a 10 gallon tank.    

Mar 20, 2016

Global Pet Expo Interview with Water Rover

Rachel Greenberg, Co-Founder of Water Rover, shows us her neat new portable and refillable water bowl for dogs on the GO!

Mar 20, 2016

Global Pet Expo Interview with the Founder of Ginger Lead, A Support Harness for Injured and Severely Arthritic Dogs

Anthony and Amanda discuss the Ginger Lead, which is actually a support HARNESS that goes under your dog's belly to help you lift them up to get on their feet or even carry them up stairs.    

Mar 20, 2016

Global Pet Expo 2016 Wrap-Up and Signoff

Anthony and Amanda wrap up Global Pet Expo 2016 with some parting words about "Pet Food Divorce" and other observations about the industry's biggest show to date in 2016.   

Mar 20, 2016

Global Pet Expo 2016: The Max Launcher Tennis Ball “Shooter” for Dogs and People

Bonnie Snyder, Founder of Max Launcher, talks about her company's really nifty launching "gun" for both tennis balls and flying discs. Ends arm weariness while keeping your dog very happy and well-exercised.     


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